Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free America Now

Free America Now

The mighty USA! The best democracy money can buy!! Regularly supporting tin pot dictators, despotic regimes, the providing of schooling to teach "terror groups"- on how to overthrow democratically elected governments to satisfy the lust and greed of big corporations the- School of the Americas- situated in Georgia. During the process, human rights, natural justice, free speech, nature and environment get the short change to maximise the corporate profit.

Don't forget the Zionised media (not RACIST at all!) and the US administration, who have been consistently acting against the wishes and interest of the US population! The USA has used and abused UN veto power, went in two "red alerts" and took many unnecessary risks to support Israeli blatant terrors.

The recent tragedy in the USA is not a product of religion or race. It is due to the humongous hate earned by the successive US governments. It appears to be that the power drunk USA is utterly arrogant and ignorant. In the 80's they became friendly with both the Iranian Communist Party and Saddam Hussein, only to slaughter the Iranians and- later their own monster- Baathist, Saddam grew bigger than his boots, resulting in another continuum- the GENOCIDE of 1.5 million innocent Iraqi children under 5 by the democratic and humanitarian USA!

So now, the USA has become friendly, this time with, amongst others, the former Afghan Communists and brigands and the former King Zahir Shah, all to punish their old palls the Talaban.

Remember George Washington was a terrorist according to the English king and perceived terrorist Osama bin Laden was a terrorist to the USSR and a freedom fighter to the USA only a few days ago!

Violence breeds violence. So in the wake of the September 11 tragedy, let's define "terrorism" and have a universal set of laws applicable to everyone without prejudice and then we would be in a position to address these problems without firing any guns. However, the blind support continuum towards that terrorist state- Israel, which was created by convicted terrorists through terrorist means will not be acceptable to anyone. See how the sands shift: the mighty USA is the only country that was CONVICTED by the World Criminal Court of Justice- for its TERRORISM (in Nicaragua).


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